Job Training Courses

City of Refuge offers a wide variety of in-demand training courses.

Mechatronics (16-Weeks)

Mechatronics will provide 6,000 hours of on-the-job learning as a mechatronics apprentice with an Atlanta employer. This training will prepare you for a career in a highly specialized field. This apprenticeship includes 16 weeks of paid training alongside an industry mentor, gaining knowledge, and technical skills, and industry-recognized credentials.APPLY NOW

Automotive Technician Training (16 Weeks)

Mon-Friday (8AM-3PM)

This course introduces basic concepts and technical training in automobile mechanics. The curriculum covers safety procedures, legal/ethical responsibilities, general service, hand tools, shop organization, and workflow systems.APPLY NOW

Banking Course (8-Weeks)

The training provides the skills needed for any entry-level position in banking with career potential—including teller, customer service representative, relationship banker, and personal banker. It focuses on skills for on-the-job success in banking and the soft skills needed to succeed as a professional.APPLY NOW

Culinary Arts (15 Weeks)

Mon-Fri (8am-2pm)

The Culinary Arts class provides insight into food production skills, various levels of industry management, and hospitality skills for students interested in pursuing a career in the foodservice industry. Each student receives hands-on experience. The course is structured to teach the fundamentals and basic concepts of Culinary techniques. Also, it develops critical skills such as punctuality, appearance, communication, and customer service. Students earn ServSafe certification to find employment in Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations in alignment with WorkSource Georgia’s Demand Occupations List for the metro Atlanta region.APPLY NOW

Salesforce Administrator (10 Weeks)

Monday – Friday (8AM-4PM)

Students will learn the basics of Salesforce for application, product development, system administration, data management, and system architecture. This course is part of the recommended training sequence for those seeking certification as a Salesforce Certified Administrator.APPLY NOW

Coding Bootcamp (16 weeks – full time /26 weeks – flexible)

Monday – Friday (8am-4pm)

Coding boot camp provides the basics necessary for employment within the Information Technology field. Graduates will be recognized as a “full stack web developer” upon course completion. This Web Development/Software Engineer training course includes: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP, JSON,cPython. APPLY NOW

Cybersecurity (9 Months)

Monday – Friday (8am-4pm)

Cybersecurity students will have a choice to train and test for the following industry-recognized certifications: CompTIA ITF+, CompTIA Net+, CompTIA Security+, and SOC Analyst. This program length is approximately 9 to 12 months and may be extended for additional industry- recognized credentials.APPLY NOW

Security Training (2 Weeks)

Open Enrollment

Monday-Friday (9 am-12 pm)

This training course covers crowd control, de-escalation, and hand-cuffing.APPLY NOW