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CHNA Meeting Minutes 7-11-19

  1. Meeting Called to Order by President, Ms. Rolanda Powell at 6:33 PM. 
  2. Reflection read by consultant, Chris Bartlett
  3. Agenda Approved
  4. Minutes approved as read by President
  5. President’s Report was given by Ms. Powell 
    1. Ms. Powell provided an update to new attendees regarding the executive board membership, her personal background and investment in Center Hill as well as current membership recruitment efforts.
    2. Overview of the first Movies in the Park, which included a video montage and highlights of the activities.
  6. Report of the Committees:
    As no committees have been formalized at this time, no official reports have been submitted for the record. Miscellaneous items were addressed in the President’s report in the interim.
    1. Zoning Committee
    2. Communications Committee
    3. Education Committee
    4. Environmental Committee
    5. Public Safety Committee
    6. Finance Committee
    7. Entertainment/Events Committee
    8. Beautification Committee
  7. New Business: 
    1. Vecino Group presentation: A presentation regarding the proposed development at 2174 Donald Lee Hollowell was given by Mr. Jesse Wiles and Paul Robinson. The focus of the project is to be the economic catalyst for reinvestment in the community. The parcel of land in question was purchased by entertainer, Clifford “T.I” Harris and is slated to be an affordable housing mixed use community with a small grocery service and on-site gardening. The 150-165 unit development is slated to break ground the first quarter of 2020. The plan calls for 25 units to be reserved for children aging out of foster care. All units will be built to meet “market rate” standards of quality. Other services being considered are partnering with Federally Qualified Health Centers to increase access to care as well as the addition of an arts/cultural/recording studio and financial banking institution. Representatives promised the residents of CHNA that there will be ongoing community engagement as the development continues. At the end of the presentation, Mr. Wiles and Robinson promised to make themselves available after the meeting for additional questions.
    2. A presentation on the proposed by-laws was given by Consultant, Chris Bartlett. Mr. Bartlett provided a high-level overview which included discussion around the following topics: Center Hill neighborhood boundary lines, membership and dues, voting policies and elected officer. The by-laws, a 30 page governance document, were voted in as read after a motion from Chris Bartlett.  
  8. Announcements: 
    1. Per Ms. Powell, discussions are underway with Salem Baptist Church secretary, Lillian Wilison, regarding future CHNA meetings being held at their place of worship. Pending confirmation, the meeting in August, and all subsequent meetings, will be held at Salem Baptist Church.
    2. Per Ms. Powell, CHNA member Lorenzo Powell has pitched the traffic light concern to three different media outlets (Veronica Waters from WSB Radio, Kiss 104 FM and Condance Presley at WSB TV community affairs) to highlight the urgent need. NPU-J Chair Keona Jones encouraged CHNA to speak with City Council President Felicia Moore and/or City Council member Dustin Hillis.
    3. Bulk trash pick-up has to be scheduled by calling 311. If you don’t call, you will be in violation as of July 1.  

Adjournment: 7:39 PM

Submitted by Erin Nickson