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CHNA Meeting Minutes 6-4-2020

   Meeting called to order at 6:31 PM by President Rolanda Powell

    II.          Agenda approved by majority vote

  III.        Minutes approved and read

IV.        President’s Report was given by Ms. Powell

A.  In light of current events, Ms. Powell encouraged all Center Hill residents to keep open lines of communication with each other, find productive outlets for channeling emotions and aim to simply be “good neighbors” to one another.

B.   Ms. Powell encouraged discussion around increasing community engagement on social media platforms. It was suggested that we create a poll to gain feedback on slogans for the forthcoming CHNA t-shirts as well as creating weekly or monthly FB opportunities for giveaways.

C.  Ms. Powell shared updates regarding three Center Hill households who have volunteered to post a book exchange box in their yard. Details to come regarding how this will be implemented.

          V.            Report of the Committees:

At this time, we are still in need of leadership for various committees. President Powell provided an overview of the committees as well as which ones have a vacant chair position.

A.      Beautification- No report

B.      Communications- If you have stories, old photographs or other info to share that provides some historical context on our neighborhood, please share with Jason so that we can find the proper space for it on our website Additoinally, community member Mike Abebe has offered to purchase 100 t-shirts and donate them to CHNA. It was suggested that all current members receive one t-shirt for free and moving forward, be included with 1 year payment of dues. Final t-shirt design and color to be determined.

C.       Entertainment-  No report

D.      Environmental- Ben Norman (chair), provided notes regarding the most recent Center Hill park walkthrough and much-needed improvements (bike rack, torn banner, drainage problems, repaired lights, better access between zones, etc.) Residents are encouraged to document our requests via the appropriate city channels in hopes of getting funds to rehabilitate the park grounds. It was also suggested that we explore working in conjunction with neighborhood businesses with interest in contributing to the overhaul and upkeep.

E.      Public Safety- no report

F.    Zoning- No report

G.   Finance- Balance to date of CHNA treasury is $382. Erin (treasurer) provided a reminder of the due amount per household and encouraged support.

        VI.            Announcements-

A.     NPU-J will resume monthly meetings this week. Regarding CHNA, Rolanda suggested creating a survey to gauge residents thoughts on hosting in-person meetings at Salem Bible Church, or outdoors in a public park space while observing social distancing practices.

B.      Residents were encouraged to complete the U.S. Census, participate in voting at their designated polling place and save the date for the July 26th drive-in movie at Salem Bible Church hosted by Rolanda Powell and Councilmen Dustin Hillis.

Meeting adjourned at 7:29 PM

Submitted by Erin Nickson