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CHNA Meeting Minutes 10-3-19

  1. Meeting Called to Order by President, Ms. Rolanda Powell at 6:33 PM. 
  2. Purpose and mission statement read by President Powell
  3. Reading of September meeting minutes by President Powell
  4. Minutes approved as read by President. 
  5. President’s Report was given by Ms. Powell 
    1. Public Safety: Discussion was had regarding the participation of Ms. Powell in a meeting with Atlanta Bicycle Coalition Executive Director, Rebecca Sema regarding mirroring their Memorial Drive efforts to spur change along DLH. Rolanda attempted to play video from the meeting, but due to sound distortion, a link will be shared on CHNA social media outlets. Rolanda, as a representative for CHNA, will continue engaging other community partners to find viable solutions for DLH.
    2. Upcoming meeting with key community stake-holders on October 15th to address the DLH corridor and safety concerns as they relate to all communities along the route in advance of a November meeting.
    3. President Powell shared info about the upcoming “Fireside Chat” with Clifford “T.I.” Harris at Georgia Tech and her interest in speaking with him about future involvement in CHNA activities/discussion.
  6. Report of the Committees:
    As no committees have been formalized at this time, no official reports have been submitted for the record. Miscellaneous items were addressed in the President’s report in the interim.
    1. Zoning Committee
    2. Communications Committee
      1. Rolanda introduced newly appointed Communications Committee chair, Jason Davis, to the general body. Jason brings a wealth of experience in web design and will continue work to build a CHNA website as well as craft an official logo. Jason also volunteered to cover the website domain hosting fees for two years via a donation of $150 to the CHNA treasury. Due to the amount, a vote was required to accept the donation. By vote, the donation was accepted.
    3. Education Committee
    4. Environmental Committee
    5. Public Safety Committee
      1. Update provided regarding the efforts made on behalf of Councilman Dustin Hillis in partnership with GDOT to track pedestrian traffic on DLH this morning in front of Johnnie B Moore Tower. Preliminary reports were that the outing was effective in arguing our case for increased traffic calming measures.
      2. Continued discussions were had around how neighbors can become active in reporting illegal dumping and other nuisance activities within CHNA boundaries.
  7. Finance Committee
    1. Treasurer, Erin Nickson, shared the status of the CHNA bank account. Balance to date after funds collected during October meeting is $339.
  8. Entertainment/Events Committee
    1. Erin Nickson shared a neighborhood Halloween activity in efforts to engage the adult residents during this season. Discussion was also had around compiling addresses of attendees who planned to participate in trick or treating. Suggestions were made to update home information on Nextdoor to indicate this in order for non-attendees to be kept in the loop as well.
  9. Beautification Committee
    1. New Business: 
      1. Elections for CHNA executive board positions will take place at the next general body meeting (Thursday, November 7th). All interested individuals are encouraged to review the bylaws for detailed explanation of duties and responsibilities.
      2. Rolanda provided an introduction of the volunteer form and how it will be used when appointing committee chairs.   
  10. Announcements: 
    1. October Neighborhood Canvassing: Saturday, October 26th. All interested neighbors should plan to meet at Johnnie B Moore tower at 10:00 AM. 
    2. NPU-J Meeting: Fourth Tuesday of each month- 7:00 PM at Frederick Douglas High School
    3. One-Corridor D.L. Hollowell Community Open House- Tuesday, November 18th from 6-9. Location TBD

Adjournment: 7:38 PM

Submitted by Erin Nickson