Free Rain Garden Webinar & Grand Program

Stormwater runoff is an  environmental problems that exists in communities all over Atlanta, including Center Hill. 

Stormwater runoff is precipitation that does not soak into the ground. When water runs off yards, streets and parking lots and into storm sewers it carries with it sediments that clog streams as well as chemicals that can render water supplies undrinkable. Runoff also contributes to flooding. 

There are simple steps that can be taken to reduce stormwater runoff on the property of private citizens using green infrastructure methods. Community members can learn about these methods by attending a free virtual workshop sponsored by The Georgia Conservation Assistance Program (GCAP) on September 10. They will be provided information on green infrastructure practices on private property including rain gardens, cisterns, dry wells and more. Residents can register online by visiting .  

GCAP is also providing funding for the installation of rain gardens on residential property in Fulton County. 

Please let Center Hill neighbors know about the workshop. Would you share this information on your facebook page and include the GCAP link? Also, the workshop flyer on the registration page can be printed out and distributed.  

Thank you for taking this step for the good of the community you serve. 

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